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Between the atomcores of three-dimentionally expanding subjects energystreams protude out of the subject. This energy is not able to flow smoothly, because the energy comes as waves from the atomcores and these waves effect to the energystream protuding out of the subject.

The river coming out of underground caves can also possess a certain wave-lenght. Water comes out like downpours. On a way out there are projections in the cavewalls and these projections make whirls to the energystream that is formed from the water. These whirls slow down the advacement of water.

The light is able to advance through some substances (like glass) because the atoms and the molecules of the glass have found their balance. The energywaves opening up from them move directly to the atomcores of the glass molecules adjoining. Between the area of these energystreams, the three-dimentionally expanding photons have a room to advance through the glass at the same time as the glass and its atoms also expand three-dimentionally.