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Material +

Mass is not changing to energy.

Actually, energy changes to more loose form of energy.
And still everything is one and same energy.

Let's think again about a large group of people, and how people in the "human energycentre's" core start to sweat more and more when they have to use force/power trying expand their space.

Now the individual persons in "human energycentre" work and this leads to the expanding of the "human energycentre"

The most pressure is observed in the middle of group, and people there sweats the most.
People in the middle create most heat energy which pushes it's way out of the energy centre, during the slowly diverging group. The heat expands faster than the people manage to diverge.

Everything is based on the rule that all individual energycentres open or more likely expand in a space that doesn' t expand or bend itself. And at the same time they produce energywaves, which have the charasteristics of the individual, expanding energycentre's.

All materia is just expanding energy in a space which does not expand or bend.

Thanks for translation XanOri