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Physics * » Electrons*


The atomcores expand and open up energywaves that have the nature of electron and photon.

Electrons consist of seperate expanding energybudles, that open up energywaves.

When they meet another atom they clean out with them the energywaves coming from the energybundles openeningup. Now the seperate expanding energybudles expand close to each other, but they don´t push each other away.

A new electron has been born like coldfusion. It continues its journey towards the atomcore adjoining and to a wave coming from there it makes a new electron to born and so on...

Electrons coming towards the atomcore burn out to energywaves that meet them. At the same time they increase their own energy.

The overquantity and underquantity of the electrons

The so called electron quantity of atoms is based on how dense energywaves open up from the atomcore.

These waves make the energybundles that move in an area between atomcores to explode their energy towards the atomcores ect.

If some energybundle that moves in an area between atomcores cleans up with itself more energy opening up from the atomcore than it opens itself towards the atomcore, the atom can have a dificit of electron that stays.

That happens because from the atomcore there does not come so much energy that it would make the energybundles passing by the atomcore to explode their energy as much towards the atomcore ect.

If an energybundle that explodes in an atomcore is directed to the atomcore, it will open now more energy from the atomcore and this way the overquantity of the electron stays.

The overquantity of the electron stays because a denser energywave from the atomcore makes the energybundles passing by to explode more of their energy to the core of the atom ect.