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Physics * » Movement of light

Movement of light

Progressing of light can be described the sound in the way progresses like this.

Sound progresses the molecule of atmosphere from the molecule so, that molecule move over by the side as being towards the molecule, and from the like this molecule atoms' cores open energy waves get as as the energetic dense by the side as being to the molecule atoms' cores, whereby they explode energy and move on this energy to same direction where those towards coming molecule was going to and so on.

Also photons expand and open energy waves, which get before to the going photon so that photon explodes energy with respect to to their business track, behind towards, whereby photon accelerates their speed a little and achieve before going photon. Now forward opening energy waves get before to be going photon to explode energy with respect to to their business track, backwards and on this on the energetic small acceleration forward and so on.

When this thinks about Einstein -likely by way of the proportion , should reduce himself and move involved in the photons , whereby observes similarity sound wave to the habit progresses.

Business or movement of light

Explosive photons before pushing , going explosive photons all the time towards to the faster and faster speed, less dense areas.

What to be closer sun is gone, it dense photons are and it less they have had time to explode in other words open and like this they are near the sun, more massive as further away from the sun. And like this further off from the sun got are lighter and for that reason their the pace picks up mutual interaction of the faster and photons also accelerate and so on.

Like this light stretch out.

At same time of course be explained it that past the sun, coming photons of other stars interact between more and faster as from the sun dense photons of the opening' small volume, which expand and open energy waves slower.

Bending selittyy of like this light also to the wrestling with the help of the change , because past the sun, coming expand three-dimensionally expansive photons tönivät each others towards its areas in the wave in which moved moments earlier those photons which stopped to the sun.

If in the photon wave someone's to the area from photons / photon opens powerfully more than normal energy, protude brings pressure photon from the photon in the same way as sound wave progresses, with the same when all photon wave progresses in the accelerating light speed forward.

In other words in practise also we and atmosphere wildly in the accelerating at speed and so forth from the globe's centre in the same proportion as we expand.

I would assume that Einstein if who would perceive from where I speak and was verified, that with the help of the proportion, can be found truth, after which we would take champagne with Einstein.