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Physics * » Stopping of light*

Stopping of light*

The spavecraft and the photon are both made of the same energy than all the other substance/energy is.

The speed of a spacecraft can be accelerated when its fuel/energy is exploded faster than normally. Speed can be slowed down when the spacecraft turns and explodes its energy / fuel more forwards in relation to its movement track.

The energy of a photon has exploded all its way away from three-dimentionally expanding atomcore backwards in relation to its movement track. The speed of a photon slows down in the intermediate agent where sometimes comes more energy to the photon from forwards.

When a train moves forwards, it pushes air in front of it. The air resists the moving of train. Behind the train there is formed a less dense zone that is like a tube. Three-dimentionally expanding molecules of the atmosphere is pushed towards
this zone. They hit in the middle of the tubelike zone and then open up energy from themselves. This energy still does not make the stopped train to move forwards again.

A similar phenomen happens also to the photon. The photon cleans up a less dense area to the space. Energy comes towards that area from every direction and during the hit the releasing energy makes the photon that just stopped to move again.

This news is essentially related to stopping of light and to the fact how the light just after it has stopped continues to move again.