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A test

In physics it´s very important to be able to make repeatable tests, that confirm theories.

I have only one repeatable test that I have developed myself and which confirms my theory.

Most of us can perform this repeatable test my themselves physically and every one of us can perform it in our minds.

I can curl up the energy of my body to a embryo position, when less energy opens up away from me. After that I can unfold (=expand/explode open) to a less dense position when energy opens up / explodes away from me more and faster.

According to my theory I myself also explode all the time and my straightening accelerates opening up. This way this repeatable test proves, that opening / exploding / expanding of energy can very well be accelerating in a space that does not expand.

When this test is repeated with several persons, one can get a better image how for example the continually expanding atoms of the globe make pressure towards the centre of the globe without gravitation.

A captured animal can hide and curl up to a dense position. This way it opens up less energy away from itself and is also more difficult to observe.

The energy of the black holes is energy that is extremely at frequent intervals curled up.