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Physics * » The bending of a light*

The bending of a light*

The photons also expand and open up energywaves. They push themselves in their energywaves away from each other. The photons coming out of stars are more massive than the old photons of  another stars.

The massiver and the thicker the photon is, the less it has exterior surface. The slower the photon expands, the the less it opens up energywaves. The massiver the photon is, the slower the time is.

The photons opening up from the sun don´t have interaction with the old photons. Tha is why they don´t push the old photons away from the sun.

A lot of old photons of different stars come towards the sun. They expand and open up energywaves, by which they make the old photons that pass the sun explode more energy away from the sun.

This is how the light bends because of the variation of the pressure. Not because the sun would bend a space in some marvelous way.

The spaceship has the same energy as the photons have and they both turn or can be turned their orbit of movement for the same reason.