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Physics * » Electricity*


Metals transmit often electricity very well. According to my theory, this is based on a fact that energywaves opening up from the atomcores of metals move staight towards the atomcores nextby and they don´t expand to every direction like sectors.

Continuously expanding energystream from the core of an expanding atom towards another core of expanding atom.

Maybe between the atomcores of metals there are continuously small plasmatornados.

In this way a lot og empty space exists in a area between atomcores of metals. In this area the three-dimentionally expanding energybundles have room to push each other  fast towards a less dense area in a space that does not expand or curve.

The expanding atomcores of the metals have previously expanded close to each other like in cold fusion. After that they don´t have strenght enough to push themselves away from each other faster than they expand / explode.

Now thick energywaves towards the expanding atomcore nextby are sufficient to keep on the energystorm all the time and this way energy flows between the atomcores of metals like an energystream.