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Physics * » Redshifting*


In a area between the expanding atomcores of the stars the photons push themselves away from the centre of a star faster than the atomcores. Relatively the expanding atomcores don´t draw away from the expanding centre of a star.

The photons that expand and open up energywaves make the photons in front of them explode all the time more than their energy according to their orbit of movement backwards.

The energy of the photons speed up at the same relation as they expand. The movement towards the less thick area that doe not expand or bend.

The energywaves that have opened up from another stars photons and maybe also the fragile surface cleans up / wrench along the energybudles coming from the sun.

This explains the common red transition of light. The common transition of light is a provement to a thing that photons do explode and open up energywaves at the same time.