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Physics * » The double-slit experiment*

The double-slit experiment*

According to my idea the photons are formed by seperately expanding energybudles and because of that one photon can go through two separate holes.

When the energy of one photon advaces as photonwaves towards the surface of a sensitive indicator, there is a exterior pressure directed to the photon also from the sides.

The loose photons in a double-slit experiment orientate themselves mostly to particular areas.

The smoother the energy opens up from the indicators, the more certain this energy hits the separate energybudles of the photon coming towards and make them explode their energy to either side forward. With this
energy they bend in their orbit towards that area where no energy is coming directly towards them.

The heavier and thicker the energybudles of a photon coming toward are, the less they have interaction with the separate energybudles of a photon.

At the same time the energybudles coming towards clean the energywaves opening up from the energybudles with them and this way the separate energybudles of a photon reach for each other without actually moving towards each other as in cold fusion.

When meeting the indicator the photon makes the same thing to the energybundles coming towards and this is how a lot of energy, that is not as smoothly opened up as the energy from the sensitive indicator is, moves away from that area.