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Physics * » Cold fusion*

Cold fusion*

Apparently nowadays most of the people in science societies don´t presume that the so called cold fusion could be possible. According to my theory it however is possible. As a matter of fact it is a relevant part of the
principles of the universe.

As I understand, observations of cold fusion can be observed in a certain substance, that has hydrogen atoms. A sound (=a certain pressure wave) is conducted to that substance and according to my theory this sound cleans the
energywaves opening up at that that moment from two different hydrogen atomcores with the sound. After that these two cores of hydrogen atom don´t push themselves away from each other at the same relation as they expand.

The other atoms around them continue to expand and push this way these two hydrogen atomcores close to each other with the energywaves that open up from themselves. This is the way that helium atom is born. At the same time it releases so called pure energy, which could maybe be used by a convenient technology.

It is possible, that the solid substance of the sufrace of earth has born like in cold fusion. Maybe the energybundles that came towards the globe and were energic enought caused that the liquid altered to a solid substance.
Maybe the globe once was a gasplanet and a gas altered to a liquid and a liquid to a solid substance.