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The Planets

The heavier substace the planet consists of, the deeper in an energysea opening up from the sun it pushes itself in a curved orbit away from the sun.

A new species of the Planets

The astronomers have located several bizarre light gasplanets.

They move close to their star and circulate around it in 4-5 days.

According to my theory the gasplanets of the solar system push themselves away from the sun further than the rock planets, because the gas planets are lighter.

Why do these even more lighter planets circulate around their stars so close?

Why do the Pioneer sounders have an unexplainable acceleration towards the sun?

According to my theory the atoms of the planets expand and open up energywaves. These waves make the neutrinos to explode their energy towards the atomcores of the planets. This is how a neutrino transfers its kinetic energy.

At some point the atoms of gasplanets have expanded for so long time, that the energywaves opening up from them are able to push the atomcore nextby easily further. Now between the atomcores there doesn´t move relatively such dense energywaves as earlier.

Neutrino that moves between the atomcores of such a light gasplanet don´t affect with dence energy. That is why neutrino does´t explode its energy as much towards that light planets atomcores.

Now the surface of expanding star begins to reach for expanding gasplanet relatively. The gasplanet approaches the star without moving towards it. Then it settles down and pushes itself away from its star nearby.

This an explanation to this mystery, a new species of the planets.

In Sunfamily is stone and gas planets . Stone planets form of course from the heavier atoms as gas planets, and like this gas planets also push further away and so forth from the sun in arched track, because from the sun business energy move of the coming photons to the more powerful gas planets' atoms and as the chain reaction through all planet . And not rub to forget neutrino in this in connection with. Now newest telescopes have found gas planets, which go around near their star, quickly in other words about during 4-5 day, because of around. In question gas planets are even four times less dense as gas planets of the solar system, and those can be pictured rather like for the beach balls, which float on the water's surface, while gas planets of the solar system are as iceberg, from which would be seen on the water's surface only small part. According to my opinion also this is some degree mystery to the current physics, but my thought could have forecasted in question planets.

Could think about, that according to my thought, in question gas planets should push and so forth from their star yet further away about that as solar system gas planets, but also to this can be found explanation. For example atmosphere of globe no start movieng from the sun involved in the coming energy waves, to the faster business, as what globe protude and so forth from the sun, and to the sun towards as being atmosphere which is on the globe's half also työntyy in accelerating at speed and so forth from the globe's centre and not that's why gets to escape the surface of country, which työntyy after the atmosphere, and push its front of with the same, when business of globe from the sun and so forth accelerate.

Essential wish in this is, that photons move through the atmosphere , and all business energy of the like this photons does not move to the atmosphere's molecules. If atmosphere would be denser, photons would stop to the atmosphere, and business energy of the like this their would move as completely to in question gas, and thus this gas start moving according to the solar wind , which would take that to the gas's gas planets.

These gas planets of the new planet kind are according to my so thought, pushed previously in the proportion to further away until from their star,, they when they exploded in other words when they expanded three-dimensionally enough have started to drop from star come photons partly themselves through, and all business energy of the like this photons is no longer moved to the in question gas planets as completely. Due to this business of the in question gas planets and so forth from their star has slowed, and like this because of surface, which is all the time pushed and so forth because of from the centre, has started to achieve until in question gas planets,, in question low density three-dimensionally expand gas planets have alighted to the protrusion and so forth from their star because of nearby.

Eräs my thought firm news tells, how massive eksoplanets rhytmics his mother star certain gas floor. In question gas floor does not go around same speed because of centre around, just massive eksoplaneetta opens that is why dense / energetic energy waves towards the star , that that certain gas floor expands always faster then, when planet is for it star on the half. This is similar phenomenon as month caused tide phenomenon .