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Space* » Weightless space*

Weightless space*

Why don´t we feel acceleration away from the globe when we are in a spacestage circulating the globe?

One could think, that inside a spacestage that expands three-dimentionally one should feel escalating push away from the globe? One should feel it in the same way as in the surface of the globe, because also a spacestage pushes itself away from the globe with escalating speed.

The globe expands three-dimentionally and opens up energywaves. The energybundles in the waves go between the expanding atomcores through the stage and transfer their kinetic energy smoothly to the whole stage and to the people inside the stage. This is how the stage expands around the people inside the stage at the same time as it pushes itself away from the globe with escalating speed.

Behind the globe through the sides of the globe  there comes energywaves towards the objects that exist on a orbit of the globe. That´s how the effect of energy coming outwards the the globe and heading towards the globe reverses the further we go from the globe.

The further we go from the globe, the more we can see about the globe. The furher we go, the more energy comes towards the object from the globe. When the shuttle reaches the orbit, it has also reached its escapespeed. After that the speed of its atomcores accelerate sufficiently with the help of the energybudles coming from the globe.

That is why on a spacestage that circulates the globe we experience the weightless space where people flow.