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Space* » Sunspots*


Dots of the sun

Approximately in eleven years distance the visible universe rubs itself against the energywaves coming towards and the energybudles in these waves burn out inside the sun. They make there a bigger pressure than normally. That makes the the energywaves open up from the centre of the sun towards the surface of the sun like a stream towards a same area (just like the water in a rainy day goes in a track made of sawdust).

Now the powerful energypulse flows out of the sun in a same area. When the influx stops, leaves the energystream on or many sundots as a mark to a relatively same area. Also in the tracks made of sawdust one can see several streams side by side.

When energybudles go inside the sun there could be formed new atoms of heavy substances like in coldfusion. They could clean the energywaves that open up from the expanding atomcores with them. Now the atomcores expand close to each other, but they don´t push each other away for a while.

A powerful energystream could bring the new atoms of a heavy substance far away from the sun.