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Space* » Moon/Globesystem *

Moon/Globesystem *

Moon/globe system pushes itself away from the curved track of the sun. It can be considered to be like a giant planet whose surface the other side of the moon is.

This "giant planet" rotates around its axle. This way the other side of the moon is sometimes towards the sun and sometimes away from the sun. Sometimes the moon pushes itself faster away from the sun. At the same time energywaves opening up from the globe push the moon away from the globe. That`s why the moon passes the globe in a curved track.

When the moon is proportionally as far away from the sun as possible, an enormeus pressure from the sun is directed to the globe and the globe begins to reach upthe moon at the same time as they push themselves away from the sun. This way the globe passes the moon and so on.

Apparently this side of the moon that is towards the sun, is thicker and heavier than the other side. The moon keeps its heavier side towards the globe (towards the bottom of the energysea opening up from the globe) at the same time it pushes itself away from the globe in a "energysea" opening up from the globe.

The largest amount of energy commits to the moon when the moon is in an area between the globge and the sun.When this energy is released away from the moon it makes the moon  to head towards the globe. Surely the moon pushes itself away from the globe at the same respect as the moon and the globe expand.

In an area between the atomcores of the globe and the moon the neutrinos coming from the sun push themselves through the globe and the moon. Also these neutrinos expand and open up energywaves by which they move their kinetic energy towards the atoms of the globe, atom by atom.  But the question is : Are there similar energybundles opening up from the globe towards the moon and do they penetrate the moon and move their kinetic energy to the moon, atom by atom?