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Space* » Black holes*

Black holes*

The Interaction / The Black Holes

How do the orbs interact with each other?

They open up energywaves, by which they interact with each other.

The less the orb has exterior surface, the less it interacts with other pieces. Also the density of  energy matters as well.

In a energy concentration there can be a lot of energy, although it would have just a little exterior surface in relation to other orbs.

The denser the energy in an orb is, the less it has exterior surface in relation to the quantity of energy.

The less exterior surface, the slower the energy opens up away from the orb and the less it interacts with other orbs.

The denser the energy of a piece is, the more efficient it stops to itself for example the neutrinos coming from the stars and also the less there comes neutrinos away from the piece.

There woun´t come any neutrinos of the stars from the direction of a black hole, because they stop themselves to a black hole.

However, towards the black hole there move neutrinos all the time and they expand and open up energywaves, while transfering their kinetic energy with them to the orbs.

From the pieces that move near the black hole loose more neutrinos from the side that it away from the black hole. This is how a certain exterior pressure is formed around the black hole.

The closer to the black hole the piece is, the less energybundles come from backside of the black holes and the stronger the exterior pressure is.

When one understands that all the energy concentrations expand and open up energywaves that have the nature of expanding energyconcentration, one can undestand that the black hole does not draw other pieces towards itself. It devours all the other pieces, because it expands and pushes pieces that locate nearby away from itself slower than the pieces and the black hole itsel do expand.

However, some of the black holes are in a way in a diet. They push the gas that locates nearby away from themselves faster than they expand.

Someone may wonder, why the black hole finally begins to reject the pieces that approach the black hole faster than the black hole and the piece themselves expand. It is based on a fact, that allthough the black hole opens up slowly its energy, do these dense energywaves have large energic particles, which also transfer their kinetic energy with energywaves opening up from themselves towards the expanding atomcores of other orbs.

The modern physics does not understand these large energic particles. According to my theory, the speed of these large energic particles has accelerated just because of the fact, that they also do expand and open up energywaves by which they can make the large energic particles in front of them to speed up all the time.Their speed accelerates slower than the speed of the photons. Correspondingly their speed slows down slower than the photons speed when they move for example towards the sun. The speed of a ship accelerates slower than the speed of a boat. The speed of the ship also slows down slower than the speed of a boat.

This way it is easy to understand how the expanding star that pushes itself away from the expanding black hole explodes a lot of its energy towards the black hole. Those opening and expanding energybudles that come from the expanding black hole make the expanding atoms of a star explode faster than normally. It achieves an illusion that the black hole absorbs with some kind of gravitation from a star the mass of a star towards itself.

In fact, the energy coming from the black hole makes the expanding star to explode its energy much stronger than normally.  With this energy that explodes towards the black hole it pushes itself away from the expanding black hole in a curved orbit.