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Space* » Comets*


The comets that expand three-dimentionally push themselves sometimes away from the sun expanding three dimentionally faster than the surface of the sun pushes itself behinf the comets. Every now and then the surface of a sun reaches the comets and the comets approach the sun without moving towards it.

When the surface of the sun reaches the comet, a part of the energy opening up from the sun travel as corpuscules between the atomcores through the comet. The corpuscules that open up from the sun rub themselves to the energywaves opening up from the atomcores of the comet. This is how the corpuscules traveling through the comet burn or explode more and more energy all the time. Now they have more interaction with the atomcores of the comets other side than with the atoms that locate at the side towards the sun.

The comets orbit of motion bends around the sun because the atoms of the other side of the comet push themselves away faster than the atoms of a comet that locates at the side of a sun do. After having rolled around the sun, has the comet been charged with athe energy coming from the sun  so much that the corpuscules coming from the sun burn out inside the comet.

They transfer all their energy of motion to the comet. The comet starts to push away from the sun faster than the surface of the sun pushes itself after the comet and so on. Of course the sun and the comet must all the time also pay regard to the external pressure that is directed to the solar system.

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