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Space* » Light constant

Light constant

Constant speed of light simple logical nicely.

When spacecraft moves quickly forward, there hits faster and more for example Photons and like this vessel self opens / to explode denser energy waves forward.

These forward opening energy waves get from their formating come photons to explode much energy forward and speed of the like this their slows.

Well, when vessel has stopped its speed exciting, it does not open backwards nowhere near so much energy as forward, because there comes to guarantee towards slower and less energy, whereby vessel also explode in other words opens behind the less energy, towards and like this to guarantee towards to the initially coming photons get towards base much easier than from their formating come photons.

Well what from this company?

To initially coming light moves in the proportion to with the same towards in the speed, base in that on the moment when it hits to the initially, get it from the front towards or guarantee towards, even though vessel self moves on the huge speed forward, whereby born image so that observer is able in position relationship to the environment and that light speed is always constant observer in the relationship.

And this if what is from the logical, simple and beautiful.

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