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Space* » The Time*

The Time*

Slow time

The thicker the energy in a concentarion is, the less it has exterior surface. The slower the time is. The less exterior surface, the slower the concentration opens up energy as waves.

For example the new massive photons have a slower time than the old light photons do.

Accelerating time?

The faster the spacecraft moves, the faster it expands. The more the spacecraft expands, the more it affects energy that comes towards.

The more the the spacecraft affects energy coming towards, the faster the spacecraft expands. The more the spacecraft expands, the more it needs energy to accelerate and so on.

To catch up the speed of light, the craft needs all the energy from the universe. The craft heading straightforward may even catch fire before reaching the speed of light.

What if the craft would be formed like discus and rotates around its axl wildly? Does the energyfield forming around the craft prevent that the energy coming towards can not get to the atomcores? Can the discus shaped craft that turns wildly around its axl catch up easier the speed of light?