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Quasi-stellar objects (QSO)

Is it possible that the visible universe moves in a moment entirely away from the space where it locates now, so that everything expand / explode at the same time and become for example to times bigger than they are now?

Are the galaxies photons of a substance that is in one size larger scale?

Are the quasi-stellar objects formed at the same time when the giant energyconcentrations of the galaxycentres pass by the similar concentrations that come against nearby?

Maybe the whole visible univese moved for the first seven billion years inside a substance that was one scale larger.

Also the photons give way to the photons coming against by waves that open up by themselves. The nearer the passing happens the more the opening energy from the energy concentration comimng against makes the concentration to explode energy in frontsides and with this energy they pass to another direction.

Is the corona of the sun formed when the energybudles coming against the sun pass nearby the energybudles opening up from the sun? Or does there happen straight smashes?