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Capillary *

This new idea offers a simple explanation for capillary action as well. In the spring, as the energy levels emitted by the sun reaching the earth grow higher and higher, these energy waves make water expand (or explode) faster than usual. Consequently, water molecules start pushing each other towards the less dense space. As we know, plants and trees contain extremely thin tubes, into which water intrudes as it expands. Water interacts with the atoms in the walls of these tubes. The energy released from those atoms causes the water molecules to expand faster than before, and as a consequence water pushes itself upwards into the less dense space.

What about adapting the idea to tree roots finding their way to water? As I have explained, water expands or explodes, releasing energy waves containing energy bunches that make their way towards tree roots. Water itself causes the soil to “burn” faster than usual, and so where there is water there is also a less dense area, which is why tree roots grow turning to water.