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Evolution /ID *

(Intelligent Design)
Are we all just part of one single energy, in other words, part of one creator or intelligent designer?

You can wrap up your own energy into a denser space (foetal position) by the power of your mind, and as a result, less energy is released from you. Consequently, we can ask ourselves whether human beings are actually a tiny part of an intelligent designer that once used the power of its mind to make energy with even density wrap up into a huge number of separate, extremely dense energy concentrations, which then started to open up/explode/burn/expand into less dense energy in a space that does not expand or bend.

If this is the case, then everything we do to each other is in a way done to ourselves as well. At some level, we may have been here to experience everything and will also experience everything in the future.

Are we finding ourselves? Ongoing discussion on the topic can be found at the forum.