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Climate » Cosmic


Scientist Henrik Svensmark of Tanskalaine presented already 1996 that cosmic radiation shapes the climate of globe.

"Which Affect Sun to the globe's climate?

Dane scientist Henrik Svensmark has presented theory, according to whom Sun affects indirectly to Country's climate and to the its warming. Svensmarkin according to the investigations, multiply of Sun radiation amount of the cosmic radiation reduces, from where company to on behalf of reducing of cloudiness, because cosmic radiation affects atmosphere so said. To aerosols, which to the on behalf of affect clouds to tightening.

Clouds are important maker in Country's heat regulation, because they reflect part Sun from the calorific radiation back to the space. As when cloudiness is slight, radiation of Sun gets hinderance by up to to the land, and especially bottom atmosphere gets warmer.

All during last century, climate of globe warmed 0.8  It is worth noticing, that also radiation of Sun has increased almost without interruption all 1900 Year time, only in the middle of the century, amount of radiation a little declined. Most powerful heating of climate on Took place 1980 and 1990 Years. Also redouble 40% of Sun magnetic field strength took place last century on the last part.

In investigation has also appeared, that top atmosphere has not become warmer not at all such as should take place according to the greenhouse theory .

In sun has not been on 1600 Year last part not at all commas (so said. Maunderin minimum). To that time is driven also "little ice age", whereby climate of the northern mild zone my cool 1-2  Summers were cool and winters harsh, eg. Thames- River of london froze as the several winter one after another, what is extremely rare.

Svensmarkin and company in the investigation not however completely be bumped greenhouse effect gases effect. Largest problem has probably there, that at least not in the earlier climate forecasts not be taken effect of Sun to the attention, which non- focus forecasts. His own problem to on behalf of causes the forecasting of the Sun behaviour."

I guess that cosmic radiation gets in time the cloud of time with the same in the principle as cold fusion functions.