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Climate » The Otsonosphere*

The Otsonosphere*

Does the so called Solar wind take the atomcores of the atmosphere with it from the top side of the poles? At least the energybundles coming from the sun take with them  the energywaves opening up from the atomcores.

The energybundles (photons?) that come from the sun towards the globe can not do that. That is why there are observed holes in otsonosphere over the poles.

Do the clouds also arise like cold fusion? The energybundles coming from the sun collect the energywaves opening up from the molecules of the atmosphere with them and this is how they expand close to each other without actually
moving towards each other. Now those photons can´t get through this zone and this is when we observe clouds.

Also the winds are easily explained by the variation of pressure. This is based to the fact that the atoms expand three-dimentionally. The smooth weather continues as long as the energywaves keep coming towards the globe smoothly. When a energypulse that is stronger than normally comes towards a certain area, it disturbes the smooth expanding of the atmosphere atoms.

This causes a variation of the pressure. The expanding molecules of the atmosphere begin to push themselves towards a less dense area.