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Climate » Lightning*


The Lightnings

Lightnings exist in a certain weather, when there is a certain kind of pressure variation in atmosphere. At first the energy rapidly explodes from down to up towards a less dense area and this dense energypulse cleans the energy opening from the atomcores with the energypulse up towards a less dense area.

The energybundles of this energic pulse open energy itself forwards. Now one energybundle in this energyfront hits to some atonscore higher up, before the actual energypulse reaches there. It makes really a lot of energy to explode from there. This energy is now directed also to an area that has the least dense energy and locates now down, from where the front of the energypulse (the pilotwave) has cleaned energy upwards with it.This is why the actual lightning strikes straight towards the energypulse that has opened up from downwards.

Look also ”the Tsunami 2004” subject in Geology section.

Many blue jets exist in upper atmosphere and they release really a lot of energy upwards like fans. Is this a mystery to a modern technology?

Let us think, that towards the globe there comes energywaves from space and the energic energybundles of these energywaves meet energybundles that open up from the globe. The energybundles coming from the globe clean with them away from the globe the energywaves that come from energybundles coming towards the globe. Now the energybundles coming towards the globe don´t push themselves separate from each other at the same relation
as they expand. This is how they reach out each other without actually moving towards each other.

The energybundles coming towards the globe unite themselves to more energic energybundles. At the same time they themselves clean with them the energywaves opening up from the upper atmospheres atomcores. At some point one energybundle in that energypulse hits to some three-dimentionally expanding centre of energyconcentration that locates in atomcore of atmosphere.

This makes a lot of energy to explode from that towards a less dence area up above from where the energypulse itself has just cleaned energy with it towards the globe.  During the movement of energypulse coming towards the globe, those atomcores from which the energypulse cleaned energy with the pulse, have had time to push themselves away from the centre of the globe so that now the strongly exploding energy can spread powerfully upwards as a fan.