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Climate » Tornados*


There are lots of researches about tornados, but this phenomen is still not quite understood.

Often lightnings belong to the birth of tornado. Let us think how the energy of a lightning cleans up the energy opening up from the atomcores of atmosphere with it and the atomcores of that area don´t push themselves away. The atoms outside this area continue pushing themselves away from each other and this is how the atomcores in target area of a lightning push themselves close to each other. This is how a gas statue developes. After that the atom cores start to push themselves forcefully away from each other. The atoms of the statue don´t have the power to push each other towards a less dence area, that is to say upwards so that the statue could stay straight. It twistes itself to a tornado, and its atoms / molecules capture with them the molecules of the atmosphere alongside. This is how masses of air begin to flow towards the tornado on account of variation of pressure.