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Climate » High tide *

High tide *

The energybundles coming from the moon burn out approximately in a four degree sea storey increasing this way the energy/thickness of energywaves opening up from atomcores. This way the waves are able to push away more
efficient these expanding atomcores of this storey. That causes perceptible thermal expansion and tide phenomen. When the globe has swinged around its axle a quarter this same storey has got colder to a four degree and yet after another swing of quarter that storey gets golder to under four degrees
and expands again faster than other substaces. This causes a new tide.

Water is such an extraordinary substance, that it expands while getting colder to under four degrees. This idea of mine is able to explain that the energywaves opening up from the molecules of water bend more efficient
towards the centre of watermolecules nearby in a water that is under four degrees cold. This way these molecules push each other away more efficient and expand three-dimentionally at the same time.