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Cosmology* » Photon in a optical fiber cable*

Photon in a optical fiber cable*

The light is possible to make move along the optical fibre cable even though the cable is wavekind bend.

The photons move in accordance with the cable, because in a curve they get more energy from the outer circle of the curve and this is how the photon explodes its energy towards the outer circle of the curve and makes the orbit to bend in accordance with the cable. Surely the cable is in an inner edge denser. The photon aspires to continue its movement straight ahead, but in a curve more energy comes towards it from the outer circle. Now the frontside of a photon that locates in a curve side begins to explode more of
its energy away from the photon and this way the orbit of a photon bends in accordance with the optical fibre cable.

In an double-slit experiment a sensitive sensor opens up denser energy from some zones and when a photon falls into a zone where denser energy comes towards, the photon starts to explode more of its energy forwards from its other side and this way it twists itself towards a zone where denser energy comes towards it. So in a space there exists in a away immaterial "optical fiber cables", through which the photons are guided towards certain zones in a sensitive sensor.

When one remembers that the photons themselves are three-dimentionally expanding, so to say exploding concentrations of energy its easy to understand that they make these zones to explode their energy more away from the sensitive sensor ect.