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Cosmology* » Warmth/time*


The temperature and the time of the black hole
Time in black hole advances slower.

Its "atoms" vibrate slower.

They are more massive and they have less exterior surface.

They expand slower and open up their energy as waves slower.

If the heat of the black hole is compared to the heat of a star according to how fast its "atoms" vibrate, the black hole wouldn´t be as hot as the stars are.

Yet the energy of a black hole is thicker / hotter than the energy of the stars.

If you would push yourself away from the expanding black hole in a same relation as the expanding energybundles do, you would feel colder than pushing yourself away from the star in same relation.

Now there would be three-dimentionally expanding energybundles around you and they would be coming from the expanding black hole.The energywaves from these energybundles around you would  not warm you up as much as the expanding energybundles opening up from the stars would when they hit you.

So, if you would push yourself away from the star in a same relation as you push yourself away from the black hole, the photons of a star would reach you.

So the black hole would effect you indirectly with the opening energywaves of the energybundles that open up from the black hole . The star would effect you directly  with the energywaves that open up from the star.

The speed of the photons accelerates easier than the speed of the large-energic particles.

The expanding energybundles that push themselves away from the expanding energy concentration make each others speed to accelerate towards a less dense area with the energywaves that open up from themselves.

It´s much more easier to accelerate the speed of a small boat than of a massive ship.