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Cosmology* » The charge of a particle*

The charge of a particle*

Why does the positively charged  particle bend at its track in a magnetic field?

The track of a particle can bend only when the particle explodes its energy more towards one side than the opposite.

The particle holds its charge because the energy opening up from it makes the small energybundles coming towards it to unite as in cold fusion.

The energybundles opening up from the particle clean the energywaves of the smaller energybundles that come towards the particle with them away from the particle. Now the small expanding energybundles coming towards the particle don´t push themselves away from each other. They expand and reach out each other without actually moving towards each other.

The particle itself continues to expand and this way it gets more exploding energybundle hits. This is why the particle is able to keep its charge, still opening up energywaves, which make the energywaves coming towards the particle thicker and the energybundles passing by to bend towards the particle ect.

Let us think about that different kind of energywaves come from the magneto and these energywaves have for example lots of extremely small expanding energybundles. Now the energywaves that open up from positively charged particle won´t be able to make the much smaller enrgybundles to bend towards the particle.

This way the positively charged particle explodes more of its energy away from the magneto and the orbit of a cparticle bends a little towards the magneto.