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Cosmology* » Mass/energy*


Mass is not changing to energy.

Energy changes to more loose form. which means, all atom cores are expanding continuously, and at the same time cores release energywaves which have a "personality" of electrons and photons.

If there's a group of people who try to approach each other and form a tight group, eventually they start to push eachother more far away. (This releases the pressure, and shows there's more pressure in the center of the group) ? En ole varma selitinkö oikein.

The people who are at the center of the group have to use more power/effort/strength and start to sweat.
So, they'll have to release more energy that the others.
The heatenergy causes them to use more power and to expand their space.

-people-energycentrum in the center, what open people protude far a way people-energycentrum in the center.-
Jaa-a, tässä en pysy kärryillä.

This is how the idea of energy works. The power is the energy of pressure.

Why you can't explain gravity?

Maybe there is no gravity at all?

If atoms are expanding continuolusly, and if the cores (with a personality of electrons and protons) are endlessly releasing energywaves, it means that there is only pressure at the core of the earth and no gravity. At the same time, people are moving away from the planet core fast enough, that we won't leave the earth surface.

Thanks for translation XanOri