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!!!38!!! » The Relative Time*

The Relative Time*

Even though the atoms would expand and vibrate with an
accelerating speed, we could not observe that anyway. This
happens because we are also with in that distension that
accelerates and the speed of our thoughts is based on the
fact how quickly the atoms of our brains vibrate. Our
thoughts and our action needs always excactly the same
amount of atom vibrations, in spite of the atoms vibrating
with an accelerating speed faster or slower and slower.

If there would exist some external observer of the
universe who would compare transactions to ”his own time”,
maybe he could be able to observe how our explosion
accelerates or even slows down?

When this kind of thinking is mixed with the thought at
which speed does the surface of the globe push itself away
from the centre of the globe, one can understand that the
pushing is not neccessarily accelerating.

It is enough that we push ourselves away from the centre
of the globe and the energybundles coming from the space
move their kinetic energy more towards the expanding
atomcores than the energybundles opening up from the globe
do explode their energy towards the expanding atomcores.

This way we can firmly stay on the surface of the globe
without any drawing force.

In deed, everything is relative. As the time is, and as
the speed of light is in relation to the expanding
substance / expanding measuring device and in relation to
the relative time.

Love and peace!