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!!!38!!! » GRAVITATION*


1. The surface of the expanding globe pushes us away from the centre of the globe in the same relation as we and everything else expand.

2. Energy flows as waves between the atomcores of the globe and the expanding eneregybundles in these waves get hits towards themselves from the from the energybundles that open up from the atomcores. That is why they open up their energy towards the atomcores and move this way their kinetic energy to the expanding atomcores.

3. There comes energywaves also from the space and these waves have energybundles that have had interaction with eachother by the energywaves that open up from themselves. From these energywaves that open up they have received themselves energyfields at the same principle than the centers of the galaxies have received energyfiels around them from the stars. So the stars have arised from the energywaves that come from the giant energy concentraions of the galaxy centres and can be assumed to be particles of a substance of larger size.  This way the energybundles comimg from the space move their kinetic energy more towards the atomcores of the globe than the energybundles that move between the atomcores of the globe do.

4. When one remembers that for example the energywaves opening up from the globe have interaction with the energywaves coming towards the globe, one can easily understand this theory. In other words to say, the energybundles that push themselves away from the globe clean / absorb with themselves the opening energywaves coming from the energybundles that move towards the globe. Now the energybundles moving towards the globe expand without pushing themselves away from each other. That is why a larger amount of them move towards the globe than would have moved if the globe did not open up energy as waves away from itself.

The external pressure towards the orb is so based on what kind of energywaves the orb itself opens up away from itself, because the energywaves opening away make the energy in a way to bend towards the orb.

The interior pressure pushing away from the orb is based on how massive small energybundles the piece itself opens up away from itself.

The smaller energybundles are, the less they get hits from the expanding energywaves of  the atomcores. The massiver and the smaller energybundles the orb itself opens up, the less they have interaction with the atomcores of the pieces nearby the orb and the less they move their kinetic energy towards them.

Simply it does not exist any so called drawing force. That is why it is unnecessary to even try to make an explanation how the so called drawing force would transfer.