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Geology » The mountains*

The mountains*

Neal Adams has developed "Theory of Expanding Planets"-model about how the planets expand three-dimentionally. According to Neal once the wasnt just one continent rounded by a sea, but the old continents were the only surface of the globe.´The three-dimentional expanding has torn apart the continents from each other. Neal doesn´t talk about accelerated expanding, so his theory needs gravitation.

According to my theory there is no observable expanding if there is not enough variation of the pressure.

Once for example a supernova explosion that happened nearby the globe brought an energywave dence enough towards the globe. The energic energybudles of this wave pushed themselves through the atomcores of the
globe deep inside the globe (for example up to ten kilometres). These energybudles cleaned with them energywaves coming from the atomcores. The expanding atoms of the globe that located outside this area, pushed the atomcores of that area closer to each other. At the same time the expanding atomcores of that area expanded close to each other like in cold fusion. This is how heavier substaces originate and in this case I mean the shelf.

If the separate energybudles of a energypulse that came towards the globe were quarks or protons/neutrons, they would have brought more substance deep underneath the globes surface. This developes a pressure that is bigger than normally to that area and this pressure accelerates the substace of that area to push itself away from the focal point of the globe. This is how the mountains developed. This excess pressure makes also the globe to expand in that area so much that it is noticeable afterwards.