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Geology » Tsunam 2004*

Tsunam 2004*

Accurate measuredevices discovered en energypulse coming through the globe only a day after a powerful earthquake and tsunami born in Asia at year 2004. The scientists came to a conclusion that this powerful energypulse came from a star which is called magnetari. In this particular star there has developed apparently a starquake and it released fast a lot of energy.

According to my idea that dense energywave opened up energy to every direction and developed itself an energyfront, which came to globe a day before the actual energypulse. The energybudles of this energyfront burned out to openening energywaves coming from atomcores of the ocean and oceanbottom. At the same time these energywaves increased their thickness / energy.

That is why the ocean expanded and developed an powerful earthquake at the bottom of the ocean.The massive energybudles opening up from the globe didn´t therefore interact with that three-dimentionally expanding energybundles of of the energyfront and so they pushed eachother towards the certain area of the globe (=bended towards a same area). From there they released a lot of ebergy towards the actual energupulse. Tsunami and earthquake opened up energy from the globe and protected the globe the same way as for example the magnetic field protects the globe from the energybundles coming from the sun. In a way the energybundles opening up from the globe "peel" storeys that are farthest and injurious for life back to the sun.