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Observations challenge cosmological theories

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PostPosted: 05.10.2018 21:56    Post subject: Observations challenge cosmological theories Reply with quote

Observations challenge cosmological theories

"The Standard Model of cosmology describes this history of the universe, from the first seconds after the Big Bang to the current day. The beauty of it: The model explains, with only six parameters, everything known today about the birth and evolution of the universe. Nonetheless, the model may now have reached its limits. "New observational evidence points to the fact that the matter is distributed today in a different way than the theory predicts," explains Dr. Florian Pacaud from the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie of the University of Bonn."

Read more at:

""Our measurements confirm that the clusters formed too slowly," said Dr. Pacaud. "We have estimated to which extent this result conflicts with the basic predictions of the Standard Model." While there is a large discrepancy between the measurements and predictions, the statistical uncertainty in the present study is not yet tight enough to challenge the theory. However, the researchers expect to obtain substantially more constraining results from the same project within the next three years. This will finally reveal whether the Standard Model needs to be revised."

Hoh hoh houu.

First supermassive concfntration born too quickly and then clusters too slowly.

There is no pulling force at all.

No curving space at all.

Just expanding pushing force what expanding nucleus of atoms recycling together an that expanding pushing force have nature of expanding light which moving faster and faster same way what matter and light expanding.

Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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