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Galaksit syntyvät sisältä ulos päin / kooste 4

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PostPosted: 30.01.2018 23:01    Post subject: Galaksit syntyvät sisältä ulos päin / kooste 4 Reply with quote

Newborns or survivors? The unexpected matter found in hostile black hole winds


Tuxford - 2 hours ago
these molecules are not survivors at all, but brand-new molecules, born in the winds with unique properties that enable them to adapt to and thrive in the hostile environment

Yes, but where does all that new matter come from in the first place, given the presence of the massive outflows in the energetic winds destroying the quiescent conditions needed for star formation?? Obviously, the conventional notions of the merger maniacs are still blowing in the winds, while fancying the existence of the illogical black hole with infinite density.

How much longer will the math fairies prevail in the face of such contra-evidence? Our matter is largely born in the centers of galaxies, and distributed therefrom, growing galaxies from the inside out, rather than the reverse.
cantdrive85 - 1 hour ago
How much longer will the math fairies prevail in the face of such contra-evidence?

As long as we keep funding their Ponzi science schemes."


Stellar magnetism: What's behind the most brilliant lights in the sky?

"Magnetic reconnection remains mysterious, especially since it "breaks the standard law" governing charged particles, or plasma, Egedal says.

Egedal and colleagues studied recordings from Oct. 15, 2016, when the Magnetosphere Multiscale satellite passed through the point where the solar wind meets Earth's magnetic field. "Our data clearly show that electrons suddenly cease to follow magnetic fields and zoom off in another direction, corkscrewing and turning. That begs for explanation," Egedal says.

The activity confirmed the theoretical descriptions of magnetic reconnection. But it violated the standard law governing the behavior of plasmas - clouds of charged particles that comprise, for example, the solar wind. "The 'plasma frozen-in law' says electrons and magnetic fields have to move together always, and suddenly that does not apply here," says Egedal. "It's the clearest example ever to be measured in space, and it blew my mind."

"Our equations tell you reconnection cannot happen, but it does," Egedal says, "and our results show us which factors need to be added to the equations. When the law is violated, we can get an explosion. Even in Earth's moderate magnetic field, reconnection from an area just 10 kilometers across can change the motion of plasma thousands of kilometers distant.""


Distant galaxy group contradicts common cosmological models, simulations

""So this means that we are missing something," Pawlowski said. "Either the simulations lack some important ingredient, or the underlying model is wrong. This research may be seen as support for looking into alternative models.""


Black Hole Mergers Might Actually Make Gamma-Ray Bursts, After All

But the most massive black hole-black hole pair that merged, coincidentally the very first one ever detected, may have had a gamma-ray counterpart. According to a revised analysis by the NASA Fermi team, we may be in for a cosmic revolution."

Kyllähän se sieltä työntyy.

Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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