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Galaksit syntyvät sisältä ulos päin / kooste 3

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PostPosted: 13.01.2018 12:49    Post subject: Galaksit syntyvät sisältä ulos päin / kooste 3 Reply with quote

Kolmen mustan aukon kasvuvauhdille ei löydy selitystä

"Tutkijoiden mukaan on hämmentävää, että nyt löydetyt kvasaarit ovat miljardien Auringon massaisia, mutta vain korkeintaan 100 000 vuoden ikäisiä. Perinteisen käsityksen mukaan tällaisen massan saavuttamiseen PITÄISI KULUA TUHATKERTAINEN AIKA.

"Tämä on yllättävä tulos", sanoo Christina Eilers Heidelbergin Max Planck -instituutista. "Emme ymmärrä, kuinka nämä nuoret kvasaarit olisivat voineet kasvattaa voimanlähteenä toimivat supermassiiviset mustat aukkonsa niin lyhyessä ajassa"."

Niin, nykyiset teoriat ovat totaalisen virheellisiä!!!

Galaksit syntyvät sisältä ulos päin!!!

Astronomers detect 'whirlpool' movement in earliest galaxies

"The researchers found that the gas in these newborn galaxies swirled and rotated in a whirlpool motion, similar to our own galaxy and other, more mature galaxies much later in the Universe's history. Despite their relatively small size - about five times smaller than the Milky Way - these galaxies were forming stars at a higher rate than other young galaxies, but the researchers were surprised to discover that the galaxies were not as chaotic as expected."

Niimpä. Sisältä ulos päin sopii havaintoihin paremmin.


Swarm of hydrogen clouds flying away from center of our galaxy

""The signature of these clouds being blown out of the Milky Way is that their velocities are crazy," said Lockman. "Gas motions in the Milky Way are usually quite regular and are dominated by the orderly rotation of the Galaxy. In the Fermi Bubbles we see clouds right next to each other on the sky that have velocities differing by as much as 400 kilometers per second."

According to the researchers, the most likely explanation for these wildly differing velocities is that they're traveling within a cone of material that is expanding upward and away from the galactic center, so the front portion is coming toward us and the back part is flying away.

By modeling the distribution and velocities of the clouds, the astronomers found that they would fill a cone stretching above and below the galaxy to a distance of at least 5,000 light-years from the center. The clouds have an average speed of about 330 kilometers per second.

Di Teodoro notes: "What is especially puzzling is that we have not yet found the edge of the swarm of clouds. Somewhere above the galactic center, the hydrogen clouds have to dissipate or become ionized. But we have not found that edge yet, so there's still a lot to learn."


Black hole breakthrough: New insight into mysterious jets

"Understanding how rotating black holes drag the space-time around them and how this process affects what we see through the telescopes remains a crucial, difficult-to-crack puzzle," said Alexander Tchekhovskoy, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern's Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. "Fortunately, the breakthroughs in code development and leaps in supercomputer architecture are bringing us ever closer to finding the answers."

Sisältä ulospäin.
Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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