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PostPosted: 22.09.2009 11:33    Post subject: I DEMAND LOGICALITY Reply with quote


We need to expect even a little bit of logicality to the scientific theories.

If I have understood correctly, according to the so called firm interaction the qvarks supposedly interact with each other the stronger the further the qvarks are from each other?

The argument that the qvarks interact stronger when they are further away from each other is not logical nor scientifical.

”The gluons that moderate strong nuclear power have been observed in particle accelerators”.

How does the gluon moderate the gravitation from one qvark to another?
How does the gluon loosen from the qvark?
Why does the gluon move towards another qvark?
How does the gluon make the qvark that is impacted by a gluon to move itself to the same direction from where the gluon itself is coming?
How does the gluon effect the qvark stronger if the qvark is further away from the qvark where the gluon started it´s journey?

In fact the qvark explodes and causes internal pressure to the qvark and this pressure makes qvark to squeeze energy as waves that have the nature of gluons. One example of this theory we have in a shape of guns.

The expanding qvarks have interaction with each other so to say push themselves away from each other the less the further the qvarks from each other are located. This happens because from the qvarks the waves moving forward like in a surface of a ball impact less waves to a qvark nearby when qvark nearby is located further and so on.

So the expanding qvarks can not in any point push themselves away from each other so firmly that they would begin to move further away from each other faster than they expand. When the pushing decreases, relatively the expanding makes the qvarks to reach out for each other even though the qvarks don´t move towards each other.

The gluon does not go to the next qvark and tell it to go in a direction where I just came..

No, the gluon impacts the qvark and makes the energy in that side of the qvark to alter faster into a less dense energy. With this energy the expanding qvark pushes itself away from that expanding qvark where the gluon came ect.

One could assume that a scientifical theory would have even some kind of logicality! The theory of an firm interaction between qvarks is not logical, because the qvarks do not interact stronger with each other the further they are from each other. That´s a fact!

The qvarks also absorb in other words fill up all the time more raw material (=energy) from where everything consits of. This way the recycling of an energy continues in a space that allready exists and does not alter in any ways!
Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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