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The universe is eternal.

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PostPosted: 03.03.2015 9:21    Post subject: The universe is eternal. Reply with quote

The universe is eternal.

The visible universe has a beginning which is based on eternal motion.

Motion is eternal.

Motion = energy.

Motion = pushing force.

Eternal circulation is based only on pushing force which is motion.
Therefore pulling force/arching space does not exist.

Thus the motion/energy of which the visible universe was born existed yet before the visible universe came into existence out of it.

In the eternal and infinite space there are extremely dense and massive objects that are very far away from each other. All of them are located far outside the visible universe and the expanding visible universe protrudes away from one such object. Thereby the expanding condensations absorb motion originally from other similar objects to themselves. This is the matter of motion/energy i.e. remains of very old detectable kind of universes.

These extremely dense and massive objects recycle the eternal motion/energy among each other and during this action there are detectable kinds of galaxies born out of the extremely dense motion/energy that is directed away from those very objects.
If there were no remains of the old universes that still have areas of different densities protruding in the contrary direction no detectable kind of visible universe could ever be born.

First the supermassive objects in the centers of galaxies are born out of zillions of individual condensations that expand and recycle the expanding motion/energy among each other.

The external motion/energy protruding towards gets the expansion of these objects to accelerate very strongly at the same time. As a result there is suddenly an extremely great pressure in the center of a large area with no gravitational force at all.

Now there is outward expanding motion/energy being pressed from the center of this area out of which new expanding stars come to existence by the aid of the external motion/energy in a similar manner. Also new detectable kind of matter is born consisting of the cores of expanding atoms that recycle among each other the expanding motion/energy with a nature of expanding light.

In this case the external motion originates from a supermassive object in another galaxy’s center that also expands in a manner that expanding motion/energy protrudes outward of it. This expanding motion/energy has the nature of expanding cores of atoms and thus it also has the nature of expanding stars.

Space is eternal and infinite room that is nothing at all.
Therefore space does not expand or arch.

The general redshift of light does not prove that expanding space exists.
The bending in the trajectory of light for example when passing the sun does not prove that arching space exists.

So called gravitational redshift of light does not prove that gravitation or arching space exist.

The phenomena in question are a proof of protons expanding and recycling expanding motion/energy among each other and therefore the light generally redshifts during its journey. Therefore the light bends when it passes the sun and therefore the expanding light protruding outward from the dense star gravitationally redshifts so to speak.

New expanding photons interact with old expanding photons that originate from other galaxies of the superbunch/cluster of galaxies. Interacting with new expanding photons the speed of old expanding photons increases and therefore the old light generally redshifts so to speak.

Expanding photons that are originally from billions of galaxies protrude towards the expanding sun. These photons have recycled expanding motion/energy during their journey and the motion/energy protrudes towards the sun in the areas in between the expanding photons and then collides with the expanding photons that are protruding past the sun getting their trajectory to bend towards the expanding sun.

Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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