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The time and the speed of light

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PostPosted: 25.03.2010 20:44    Post subject: The time and the speed of light Reply with quote

The time and the speed of light

When you experience an episode, it demands a certain amount of vibrations of the atom cores.
The duration of the episode can be measured with an atom clock.

Experiecing the same event again in exactly the same way demands excactly the same amount of vibrations of the atom cores in other words the same time passes by measuring the time with an atom clock.

What if the expanding of the substance accelerates and the distance between the atom cores increases?

Now the energywaves coming from the atomcores need more time to move towards the atomcore nextby, where it makes the atomcore to vibrate ect.

The event takes more time although by measuring it with the atom clock it takes the same time in other words the atoms of an atom clock vibrate the same amount during the same event?

I claim that the entropy of a ship that approaches with the speed of light accelerates, the time slows down and finally the ship turns into a light ((=photons) and then it´s energy indeed moves with the speed of light.

Because of the entropy all the substance turns finally into photons (=light), but if the ship begins to accelerate its speed, it meets the approaching energy faster and faster. Now the energy approaching makes the energy of the ship to alter faster than normally into a less dense form and this way the entropy speeds up. The ship expands and meets energy approaching from an wider area. The accelerating of the speed makes the entropy to speed up faster than before ect.

The photons approaching continue to expand in former rhythm. The ship expands faster than normally when the speed accelerates. The ship that expands faster than normally gets more hits by photons that are now in relation to the expanding ship denser and this way from in front of the ship is experienced a harder force that objects the movement. To accelerate the speed even a little bit the ship needs all the time more and more substance / energy that alters faster than normally into a less dense form.

The photons reaching the ship from behind achieve the ship slower and this way force pulling from behind weakens in the same relation as the speed accelerates?

In the speed of light even a small accelerating of the speed weakens essentially the effect of the energy coming from behind!

Why do the qvarks expand all the time?
Where do they get the energy to expand?

Towards the substance / energy of the visible universe there comes energy that has changed smoothly into a less dense energy because of the entropy. This energy makes the qvarks to expand continuously in same relation.

It controls the expanding of the qvarks abd absorbs more energy towards the qvarks all the time.

With an scientific experience the qvarks can be forced to expand in explosives faster than normally.
Or in an atom bomb.

When the atom bomb explodes, the qvarks turn into a less dense energy faster than normally.
Now they are less dense than the other qvarks. That’s why they don´t absorb as much energy from that energy that moves against the substance / energy of the visible universe. Then the situation balances, these qvarks begin to absorb the energy to themselves again in the same relations as the other qvarks do ect.

Please inform me if you are familiar with some scientific test that is made with a space that expands all the time.Maybe there is somewhere a test that makes the space to expand faster than normally?

The expanding space is God of the science religions, and it can not be examined scientifically. The expanding space is can not be proven scientifically no more than other religions Gods can be proven!

Twisted Evil
Olemmeko löytämässä itse itsemme? Yhdistyvätkö eri uskonnot ja tiede jo meidän aikana?
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